Mobile Wallets

QRails helps your business embrace the convergence of “contactless transaction acceptance” with the distribution of mobile payment technologies.

With the expanding growth rate of mobile and online commerce through billions of smartphones, your customers will now always demand the smoothest possible transactions and easiest methods to buy goods and services.

QRails supports all of the major mobile wallet brands by integrating with the Mastercard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) and Visa Tokenization Service (VTS).

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Utilize Popular Mobile Payment Solutions

Retain and capture more users by offering integrations with proven mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and others. QRails can help convert those traditional cards into advanced mobile solutions that your customers are already using.

Now your mobile wallet solution can be the catalyst that facilitates more purchases and improves customer retention for future growth. Deliver virtual accounts and easily convert them to fully-functional payment tools that work the way you want.

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QRails is a Mobile Wallet Transaction Booster

Reduce friction and abandonment rates by using the QRails’ platform to combine the convenience of mobile technologies with modern payment tools.

Increase advertising conversions immediately by delivering slick virtual accounts that are automatically hooked to a “Pay” solution that boosts in-store and mobile purchases. The easier it is to buy something, the more people will buy using your service. QRails makes it all happen faster for you.

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