Payment Processing

QRails can handle all your payment processing needs.

As an experienced issuer processor we deliver customized solutions for:

  • Authorization
  • Disputes
  • Chargebacks
  • Card Controls
  • Reporting
  • Account Hierarchy
  • Settlement / Reconciliation
  • Banking Relationships
  • Visa / Mastercard
QRails_Icons_More control for you and your cardholders

Our Platform… Your Rules

You can control and configure your entire program with our self-service interface. With our platform you can tailor:

  • Spending limits
  • Risk alerts
  • Reporting
  • Velocity rules
  • Restrictions
  • Card to card transfers

Advanced Card Controls

QRails card controls configured via our open API architecture opens up all the possibilities for your program.

  • Decide when, where and how cards can be used
  • Rules applied to every card, groups of cards or a single card
  • Set card usage rules on:
    • Daily spend
    • Load sources
    • Merchant types
    • Geo-fencing

How can we help?

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seamless and smart solutions, get in touch with our experts today.

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