AnyDay App FAQs

What is the AnyDay app?

AnyDay is a financial wellness solution built to help you have more visibility and flexibility over your pay, including a user-friendly on-demand pay at low cost.

How does AnyDay work?

AnyDay’s on-demand pay gives you access to your earned wages or salary ahead of pay day. You can manage your pay through the AnyDay app, which shows the earned wages available to you and allows you to withdraw a portion of your pay instantly. You can decide to have the funds sent to your chosen bank account or have it loaded onto your physical or digital AnyDay Debit card.

How much can I withdraw?

You can withdraw up to 25% of the wages you have earned to date in the pay period. That amount will be visible in the ‘available earnings’ section of the AnyDay app.

How long does it take to receive my money?

Money will be sent to your chosen bank account via Faster Payments which is often instant, but it can take up to two hours. Moving it to your digital or physical AnyDay Debit card is immediate.

How much does it cost?

For each withdrawal, you will be charged a small transaction fee of £1.74. The good news is this is capped at £10.44 per calendar month, meaning you will only pay a fee for the first 6 transactions. Thereafter, there will be no further fees for that month.

Are there any other fees?

For all other fees, please see the cardholder agreement: AnyDay UK Cardholder Fee Schedule

What happens when I order a physical AnyDay debit card?

Your physical debit card will be shipped to the address your employer has on file for you and will arrive in 5-7 business days. The digital AnyDay debit card can be used until you activate the physical card. Upon activation, the physical AnyDay debit card becomes the primary card which will be visible in the AnyDay app. Any balance on the digital card will automatically transfer to the physical card upon activation.

How secure is the AnyDay App?

We use a variety of physical, administrative, and technical safeguards designed to help deter unauthorised access. AnyDay cards are issued and processed by a PCI DSS compliant service provider. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is the set of common rules that networks (such as Mastercard) use to assure that cardholder data is protected. AnyDay also conforms to SOC1 and SOC2 (System & Organizational Controls) industry practices which provide additional measures of protection and assurance for employees/cardholders and employers who participate in the program.

How do I add a bank account?

You can add multiple bank accounts securely in the ‘payment methods’ section of the AnyDay app.

How do I get help?

Call +44 (800) 368 0813 and use the automated system or speak to a customer support agent.