One Platform, Infinite Possibilities

Payment Processing

As an experienced issuer processor, we deliver customized solutions for:




Card Controls


Mobile Wallet

Account Hierarchy

Settlement / Reconciliation

Banking Relations

Mastercard / Visa / Discover

RESTFUL APIs and Easy Integration

QRails provides developers with intuitive APIs

With QRails you can:

  • Seamlessly integrate your solutions with our platform
  • Build your own apps and services on top of our system
  • Integrate third-party applications

Our Platform… Your Rules

You can control and configure your entire program with our self-service interface. With our platform you can tailor:

  • Spending limits
  • Risk alerts
  • Reporting
  • Velocity rules
  • Restrictions
  • Card to card transfers

Advanced Card Controls

Card controls configured via our open API architecture provide flexible risk mitigation tools.

  • Decide when, where and how cards can be used
  • Rules applied to every card, groups of cards, or a single card
  • Set card usage rules including daily spend, load sources, and merchant types

Program Management

Utilize QRails as your full-service program manager. We offer a full suite of operational support services to make sure your programs are as effective as possible.

Our team is there to support you at every stage – from program design, through helping you devise your marketing strategy and materials, to rolling out your program and ensuring it runs smoothly.

Our comprehensive program management services include:

  • Integrated KYC and BSA/AML solutions
  • Chargeback administration and dispute management
  • Cardholder services – including an IVR self-help line and 24/7 customer call center

Dedicated Account Manager

You’ll have your own dedicated account manager who will quickly get to know your business’s specific requirements and unique needs.

Launch Services

Our consultants are on hand to help you at each step of a new launch, including program marketing, card design and production, and risk limits and alerts configuration.


We have a market-leading KYC application fully integrated in our system. Our BSA/AML solution has been designed to comply with all relevant regulatory provisions of the BSA, using sound risk management policies, procedures and processes.

Funds Disbursement

The QRails APIs provide flexibility to disburse funds and provide payments options in a variety of methods.

  • Virtual
  • Prepaid
  • Debit
  • Real-time payments

The QRails platform is leveraged in many ways! Here are some examples:

Earned Wage Access

Integrate earned wage access or instant pay features using our APIs and SDKs. Seamless and flexible payment processing.

Just-in-Time Funding

Empowering businesses to meet the high volume, high velocity payment requirements of today’s supply chains and gig economy workforces while maintaining efficient balance sheets and effective controls.

Payroll Cards

Support and create an innovative payroll program with virtual and plastic paycards.