Front End Engineer | $100K

Position Summary:

As part of our Front-End Services team, you’ll develop both customer-facing and administrator features while also enhancing our existing capabilities. Candidates must be a daily hands-on developer with skills in building and designing web applications in Typescript with React. They will work directly with product owners to collaborate on new features and iterate on old ones. We are a fast-growing start-up so working with others (communication, collaboration, and coordination) is crucial. Our ideal candidate should be able to work as part of a customer-centric design process, should have a high degree of attention to detail, should show ownership of their tasks, and should be able to show up and dive right in. A strong understanding of client systems optimization and scalability techniques will be a key indicator for success.


  • Work as part of a cross functional team in a highly dynamic start-up environment
  • Craft well-tested code in JavaScript to power products and features that matter to our users
  • Build gorgeous pixel-perfect user interfaces
  • Deliver innovative features to millions of customers (hopefully!)
  • Help design and document new features
  • Stay up to date with emerging web technologies
  • Be kind, patient, and proficient


  • Mastery of CSS
    • Box model
    • Layout
    • Transitions
    • Responsive design
  • Extensive React experience
    • Functional and class components
    • Styled-components
    • Context
    • GraphQL
    • Typescript and JavaScript
  • Experience creating readable, well-crafted, and maintainable code
  • Experience voicing customer feedback into product solutions
  • Experience with Test Driven Development
  • A commitment to continuous improvement (yourself, your teammates, your software)

Bonus Experience:

  • Continuous Integration and Automated Deployments
  • Docker Containerization
  • Kubernetes Hosting
  • Consumer Finance Applications
  • Web Client Security
  • Mobile Web Applications
  • Dashboards and Data Visualization

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